[Motherboard] Was going Intel MoBo for my 2700k a bad idea?

Alright to start I would call myself a newcomer to custom built pcs. This is only my second build which, imo, is a high end build with my first being a mid range light gaming machine a few years ago. Anyway I have my new computer all hooked up and now, as always, I am having a little bit of buyers remorse but only with my motherboard choice. I have a friend who works at BestBuy so I was able to snag his winter intel deal. This of course was a 2700k and a Intel DP67BGB3 motherboard, or just the processor.

At first I figured that I would go with the combo because why would Intel sell me an amazing 2700k with a mobo that would hold it back? With the deal I ended up getting the board for $150 which is only $27 off of its price from newegg, which is not a huge discount like the 2700k that I got for $90. The board looks great with the skull and everything with my only huge gripe being no usb 3.0 headers, which sucks because my haf 932 came with some 3.0s in the front.

I know I should not use the windows index score to benchmark my gear but it gives me a 7.6 and according to some other owners of the 2700k, theirs got a 7.8 in different boards. Even though this is'nt a true benchmark test it has made me think that for one reason or another maybe Intel boards are just not as great as an Asus, Asrock, or others. I definitively plan to OC the chip to about 4.5 with the hyper 212 plus h/s i just ordered, I just do not want to be stuck with an under whelming motherboard that will slow everything down.

I just wanted some of your opinions on whether I should return my Intel motherboard and try to get something else? I only spent $150 on the intel but I would be willing to buy something as high as $175. Any input is greatly appreciated and I would like to give my thanks in advance.

My build:
CPU: 2700k
H/S: Hyper 212+ in a couple days
RAM: 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600
GPU: HIS 6950 IceQ X Turbo 2gb
PSU: 750w antec
Case: Haf 932 Advanced
HD: 1tb WD black edition 7200rpm
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
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  1. Intel boards have always been rock solid in my experience, however they are not the best overclockers. Generally they will work with any brand of RAM ever made and any other extras no matter what brand or version.
    If you want a great overclocking board though, then Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, MSI and EVGA would be your best bet in my opinion. Some Intel boards do not even allow for overclocking at all.
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