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HD5850 or HD6850?

I'm torn between those 2. You can get them for the very same price at the moment. I'm reading that the 68xx is not replacing the 58xx series. Checking benchmarks and so forth, the 58xx beats the 68xx, yet folks claim the 68xx performs better.

My budget is around $200. Which card should I buy? I run an E8400 at 3.6ghz, 850w PSU, a Gigabyte EX38-DS4 board which supports Crossfire which later down the road I'll buy another card to add it on. My monitor runs at 1920x1080.

Needless to say I love games.

Please help me buy the right card. :o
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  1. Well the 6xxx series has better tessellation and DirectX 11 performance, along with 3D support. It all depends on the game/program/use I guess. The difference in performance is very small and probably won't be noticed at all so I would go with the 6850 in case you decided to try 3D in the future and the slight increase in DirectX 11.
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    ct1615 said:
    don't know who are talking to but the ATI 5850 is the better card. the ATI 6850 is positioned between the ATI 5830 & 5850 to compete against the Nvidia GTX 460's. If both cards are the same price then the decision is a no brainer unless you like video cards with big numbers

    thats true only to a point . The 6850 has advantages when theres lots of tesselation , and it has 3d support so a small speed advantage now might not be the best option in 6 months time

    On balance Id probably buy a 6850
  3. Get the 6850 and you won't regret it.
  4. I'd recommend the 6850.
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  6. Thanks guys for the info. I had a medical bill come up so I won't be making my purchase for a while, however this did help a co-worker make his decision. Thanks again!
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