Asus P6X58D-E questions!!

Hi i have a few questions about this mobo

Q1. Is the motherboard compatiable with a coolmaster Haf X?

Q2. Would a Noctua Dh-D14 fit on this mobo?

Q3. Is this a good board for overclocking???

Any help is greatly apprecieated.
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  1. How long does it normally take for an answer?
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    I have the D version and the Noctua DH-14. No problems clearing the Corsair Ram. Also use it with a i920 and oc to 4gh 100% stable for a couple of years now. Don't know about the HAF but it will fit into it as the board and case conform to ATX spec. I use an Antec 1200. If you plan to oc get a good PS.
  3. coool i have the i950
  4. The E version of the board is actually better in a few of it's components. Look at this link to get an idea of what the board can do ( If this has helped pls select as best answer. Tks
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