Power Issue?

Hello all, I recently bought a GeForce GTX460 and a SSD drive for my system. Soon after installation I had BSOD problems and did several clean reinstalls of Win7 64 bit.

Had some flaky BIOS issues, boot stuck on verifying DMI pool, BIOS not exiting after save, etc. So I cleared BIOS, removed the BIOS battery, and reflashed BIOS to current version. I removed my optical drive since it appeared it went bad and was causing the DMI pool issue.

I am wondering if I my PSU is not strong enough. Is there any way to test this?

I have a Corsair 520HX, 520W PSU. Its 40A triple rail.
My new video card requires 450W minimum.
I am running the C2D E8400 (65W chip) stock speeds
Aftermarket CPU cooler (artic cooler)
2 HDDs (nothing super fast)
1 DVD drive
4 G memory
A couple case fans
Wireless NIC, Keyboard, mouse

Would low power cause issues like this? I am worried my mobo may be fried due to some power outages (it sits behind a voltage regulator and surge suppressor).

Any ideas?
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  1. Doing a quick calucaltion at http://www.antec.outervision.com/PSUEngine shows a required wattage around 350w. Might be worth it for you to do the same to confirm with your components... Your power supply SHOULD cover that requirement, however I wouldn't think that low power would give you the trouble you are seeing.

    Are you still having trouble after resetting your BIOS?
  2. Well, it was certainly an odd issue. I'm an IT guy and been building my own PCs for 20 years. Windows Repair wouldn't even find the Windows installation to repair it.

    The system would work fine if I put it to sleep and even rebooted it. But if I powered it off, it would BSOD on boot. I checked to see if the required AHCI drivers were set to start on boot up in the registry and it was fine. I thought maybe the SSD took too long to powerup, so reinstalled WIN7 on my mechanical disk.

    I also applied MS hotfix to address some performance issues I was having with my new SSD (long freeze ups while the SSD timed out).

    MEMTEST and all the regular testing suite software tests out fine. CrystalDisk shows no issues.
  3. Maybe try some alternate RAM and other hardware tests using this (http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/)?
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