Crossfire/Eyefinity BC2 Issues

Hey guys,

So I'm having some weird issues. I've got 2x 5850's in xfire/Eyefintiy.

I'm using MSI afterburner to monitor GPU usage. After playing Bad Company 2, I got back and look at the logs of GPU usage, and GPU1 is at 100% while GPU2 sits at 0% and does nothing. The graphics are turned up high enough that it should be needing the second video card.

Similar odd problem... when I play Dirt 2, if I play in windowed mode and watch GPU usage on MSIafterburner, it says GPU2 is 0%, but if I full screen and go back to look at the log it says both GPU's are at about 70%, as they should be....

What gives!?! Why does it appear that BFBC2 is not using the second card at all, and Dirt2 only shows usage with full screen.

Of course this could be a problem with the monitoring software, but seems doubtful.

Any response would help...

My system btw;

Corei7920 @3.6
SSDx2 RAID 0 (os drive)
HD5850x2 xfire
6gb DDR3
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  1. for Dirt 2 or any other game for that matter, in windowed mode, crossfire will not activate and only one GPU will only ever be used. As for Bad Company 2, I would make sure it's running in full screen mode and you have installed the latest Catalyst Crossfire Application Profiles.
  2. Good to know about the windowed mode thing. Thanks a lot. For BC2, hmm...
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