Nvidia startup driver problem error 43

I have the latest version of nvidia driver , but when i start up it reports error 43, so i cant play games , alredy tried 100 times to reinstal or instal older versions, but problem still there, someone knows what i can do ??;s thx
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  1. error 43 means that you have a dead card and the driver is unable to properly work with the card. Does it show dots or make odd sounds then if so you have a brick. Inspect the card for obvious problems like a stuck fan.
  2. So it mean i have to buy a new card ?
  3. If it is dead then yes unless you want to use your pc over the lan connection like a server. In short another card but lets see what the problem is first and see if we could fix it. Inspect the card and what model is it.
  4. idk , have laptop and i cant open it to see what model it is,
  5. That is what makes support difficult, laptops very rarely can be ugraded or repaired when it comes to graphics you will likely have to return it for repairs or swap out the board with another of the same model your self if not better have a heat gun on hand or you will have little choice but to buy a new laptop. I was thinking that you were using a Desktop or a server.
  6. no :( so thx for your help ^^ if my card is dead, how can i see thad
  7. Code 43 error it is one sign of a failing gpu. My guess is that you have a Nvidia gpu that has gone bad. You can still try to revive it.
  8. Revive? How can I do ?;o
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