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Just thought I'd throw this question out there.

Which aftermarket cooler would be best for the GTX 470. I am not referring to company coolers like the Gigabyte SOC or the MSI Twin Frozr II, but rather heat sinks and fans that you can install seperately. Just curious.

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  1. Excuse the Australian website;


    Ram Heatinks for GTX 470

    Now, only real concerns is usually GPU coolers are designed only for the reference models and might not work with others and that they typically dump heat into the case rather than rear exhaust - which isn't ideal for a little heater like the 470.

    The Zalman coolers seem ok also (well going by a recent review by Tom's for the GTX 480) - though alot of people are saying they brick their cards (from experienced users doing proper procedure with the appropriate precautions)

  2. Here is a very brief comparo by Tom's if you haven't seen it already (for the 480, but still applies).,2784.html
  3. Thanks for all the links, very insightful. That Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus looks to be a heavy contender.
  4. I liked the 'custom' bolt on ram/vrm cooler of the Zalman, but either is an awesome cooler I think.
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