White thermal paste fails on 478 cpu ?

Recently removed and reinstalled mb - ECS PT800CE-A1.1 with 478 Prescott CPU, attempted to add a new heatsink and fan, temps went to 90C before shutdown. Decided to go back to original heatsink and fan using new brackets (old ones broke) and I am still having an overheating problem, going to 76C+ idling before shutdown. Normally this system would operate between 45C-55C or 60C+ at loads. Nothing is different at this point except the thermal compound, I had silver originally, this one is white.
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    You identified the problem. Re-seat the heatsink using Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound according to industry accepted procedures.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation will get some, need new brackets again, broke the "metal" ones (probably zinc).
  3. Get some better brackets, and not the same old type.
  4. Okay. Let me get this straight...

    Original heatsink and original brackets = 60ºC.
    <brackets break>
    New heatsink and new brackets = 90ºC.
    Original heatsink and new brackets = 76ºC.

    Is that correct?

    Unless the white stuff you applied isn't thermal compound at all, switching to Arctic Silver 5 wouldn't make that much of a difference. I'm thinking that the new brackets are the culprit -- they aren't installed right or don't fit correctly or something.
  5. Yes that is correct Leaps, the compound is AS Ceramique and is 2.5g vs. AS 5 which is 3.5g. May have applied too much of it too, so I removed and cleaned again, braking the zinc brackets from the new heatsink as well. Living in CO.S. makes it harder to find a decent PC store, newegg no longer delivers to P.O.B.s. Need to find a way to deliver. The original intel brackets worked fine, my fault for not removing them properly.
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  7. Thank you!
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