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BFG GTX 295 card problems

Long story short, Cat urinated on my computer. Effected my video card. I removed the video card and sprayed elecronic component cleaner on the card and then used canned air to dry. I put the Video card up for 6 months. Just messing around I dec ided to see if it worked, put it in my machine, and it ran for say 4 hours then quit. I let it cool down and waited a few days and it works again. What I am wondering is, Is it possible I have cleaned out just enough of the thermal paste between the GPUs and heat sinks to allow it to run and then shut down due to overheating. The computer was idle for the time it was on and I was not running any games. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Well, it could be anywhere on your card, shorted or some kind like that.
    You can try to re-cleaning the card including the old thermal paste, after that re-apply new thermal paste...
    If that's still no good then just give up, next time be careful about your PC, GTX295 is still a FAST card even for today's standard...
  2. You might have a "hairball" lodged in the fins of the cooler. Pull apart and clean.
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