Express BIOS update on Intel DZ68DB

Good day to everybody!

Yesterday I built my new computer. It has the Intel DZ68DB Motherboard. Everything seems to be fine, there are some issues which I have to make clear though (USB 3.0 not working, BIOS update etc.)

After basic Install of Windows 7 64 bit (no updates or service pack, no Drivers installation even for GPU) I decided to make a BIOS update to the latest 0032 Version from the current 0014, which is the one that DZ68DB comes with.

I found in several threads, and also read in Intel Forums that in general is better to update the BIOS first and then install any drivers, so this is what I wanted to do.

I had downloaded and stored in my second internal HDD, while I still was using my old system, the latest BIOS update version (0032 express method with .exe file via Windows).

I run the .exe file as described in the Intel Video and .pdf instructions for express BIOS update.

The weird thing is, that at the point where I am informed "not to shut down the system for the next 3 minutes" the system restarts as it should but no update process is taking place or being displayed actually. Windows starts normally and I am informed that the "BIOS update was successful". When I enter the BIOS I see that still the old version is installed, the one the motherboard came with (0014).

Why is that happening? Any suggestions? Can this happen because I downloaded the .exe file when I had my old system? Should I download it again now that I have my new rig and retry?

Thank you very much in advance! :)
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  1. Disable any "boot block" or "virus protection" settings in your current bios, and also windows firewall before flashing.
  2. Thank you for replying!Much apprecated! I was aware of the fact that there should not be any firewall enabled but i didn't know that bios settings would affect the bios update. I performed the bios update using the bios recovery option with a usb key from inside the bios (f7 option on boot process).It worked fine. This method seems to be the most unaffected one from other influences (like firewalls or bios settings).
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