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Bottlenecked 6870

Hi, was wondering about this.
So i have a Phenom x4 965 B.E.
Wanting to get a 6850 now,then get a new motherboard in the future and crossfire with a 6870.
Was wondering if the crossfire'd cards would get bottlenecked by my CPU?
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    No bottleneck if you are going to crossfire get another 6850 buy a more expensive card will still only give you 2 6850's
  2. What is your current card?
    Your CPU is still fast enough to running dual cards, so don't worry about that...
  3. 6850+6870= 2 6850's in Crossfire. No bottlenecks though.
  4. My current card is a 5570.
    My PSU is a an Apevia 500 Watt with 34 amps on the 12/v rail.
    My motherbaord and PSU will need to be upgraded when i get the other card in the future.
    How does a 6870 in crossfire equal to another 6850, how does that work?
  5. Just because you can mix a 6870 + 6850 does not mean its a good idea.
    You should crossfire the same gpu.
  6. Will do.
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