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PCI 16 abit confused

OK this is probably a dumb question but are PCI-E X16 slots the same as PCI E 1.0 slots? I keep seeing slots listed both ways on the net.
I have a ASUS A8N32-SLI deluxe MB with PCI-E X16 slots . I know a 2.0 graphics card will work in 1.0 slots and just want to make sure my board is 1.0
THX and please excuse the newbie question.
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    I think that board is from 2005, right?
    If yes, i guess you are right, it has PCIE 1.0, so you can use any card as long as it 2.0 version and NOT 2.1 version. :)
  2. A 2.1 card is supposed to work in a 1.0 slot as well, but I have heard of people having problems with it. My brother in law is running a rev. 2.1 5770 in his 630i board with 1.0 slots without a problem ATM.
  3. manual for board saysOCT 2005 second edition v2.
    Going with a 2.0 card so all is good.
    Would love to upgrage MB but being disabled and on atight budget that won't happen anytime soon.
    I am upgrading to a 850 w PSU since a bud just gave me a brand new antec for free.
    Just have to do some reading on how to do it.
    THX for the replys guys.
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