Zotac GTS 450 vs powercolor HD 5750

Which of two is a better card in games, warrenty and future point of view.
please suggest.
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  1. Both will be quite similar get what is cheapest.
  2. what about the heat issue. which card will blow heat out of the box.
  3. They are both really cool running cards unly you have heat problem I wouldn't worry about it. If you have heat issues. 5750 stock cooler has a blower.
  4. ok. now since they are similar in price and performance. but the warrenty on zotac 450 is for 5 years (3+2) and on powercolor 5750 is 2 years. so which to purchase ultimately. price of HD 5770 from sapphire is 20 dollars more. what u say.
  5. i would go the gts450 over the 5750. It has lots of room for overclocking which is a bonus.
  6. 5750 overclocks well and will vent out of the case like you wanted
  7. I am buying Zotac 450 with 5 years of warrenty. thanks for advice guys.
  8. Quote:
    bad choice..
    but i hope you enjoy it.

    my problem is that my PSU has only single 6 pin connector where as GTX 460 requires two. my power supply is coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 500W.
  9. when zotac is giving 5 years warrenty than whats the problem in buying it.
  10. the non OC gts450's are pretty slow, however, if you are into overclocking, you have much to gain. There are many well overclocked units around, getting close to 5770 performence, but will cost extra and then you may aswell get a 5770. The zotac is a non OC'd card i think. Probably best to stick to brands like asus, msi, gigabyte, sapphire, powercolour, xfx, even inno 3d are good for budget.
  11. why zotac is so bad brand incomparison to others
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