Computer not running, most likely motherboard

Hi, I recently bought a barebones package off tigerdirect and a GPU off newegg. I assemlbed the computer and everything runs fine, LEDs turn on and fans run. However no image is sent to the monitor.

and a generic Radeon HD 6850 GPU

I turn the computer on and no POST beeps occur nor do any images appear on the monitor. I figured that the problem was the bulldozer processor BIOS not running with the motherboard BIOS. I called ASUS and had them send me a new BIOS chip. Upon putting the new BIOS chip in, the computer is still the same, no images nor POST beeps appear/happen.

I've gone through all the steps that ASUS customer support suggests and the only other problem I can think of is that the motherboard manual doesn't support the ram in the kit. If that's not it, then i'm guessing the motherboard is dead.

any help? thanks.
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  1. First off I doubt that psu even has enough amps on the +12v rail, maybe.

    Did you plug in both 6 pin pci-e power connectors to the video card? Does that psu even have two 6 pin pci-e power connectors? doubt it.

    Did you plug in the 8 pin cpu power to the motherboard?
  2. more specs and we'd be more likely to help. what mobo? what bios version? what ram? what cpu? list everything.

    assuming it's not a hardware compatibility or failure issue, i'd say you forgot to plug a pci-e power connector into the gpu.
  3. Hi,

    One quick test, get the memory out of it and try to boot:

    If you don't get bips their is a problem with PSU/MOBO OR CPU

    If you get beeps: +1 geekapproved power connector to the gpu.

    could also be DVI to vga adapter if you use one from GPU to monitor (some card has issues with adapter)
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