Server turning off, need outside of box ideas

I am dealing with an issue that most people who are in the IT business would not ever want to deal with. We have a server that shuts down on its down for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Here is what we have done:

-Changed the Power supply, motherboard and CPU/RAM on it
-Changed the APC UPS connected to it
-Changed power cords, external devices (backup USB)
-Move it to a different location in office

when none of these worked, we changed the server completely with a new one, different model and it still happens!

The only thing in common in between the servers is the data, the new server had a brand new installation of OS and software. Full virus/spyware/malware ran on the data.

The windows logs do not indicate a shutdown, which eliminates software or malware issue. And with the new server it was a brand new OS install which again eliminates all software.

It's connected to a APC unit, when it shutsdown the APC unit remains ON but before the server can be turned on again we have to turn off the APC and turn it back ON (not sure if this means anything?)

We have done everything possible but still not able to find the root cause. I need some outside of the box ideas of what could cause it.

Starting with the basics, the reason a power supply would just turn off are:

-overheat (which is not happening, two different computers, in a big room with several other computers and they are not shutting down)

-another hardware causing it (which can't be since it's a new computer)

I'm exploring malicious causes:

Can another computer send a network signal to completely turn off the power supply without a gracefull shutdown in windows?

Can someone point a device to the server to send a signal to shut it down?

Any ideas??
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  1. Wow, it is possible that someone is accessing it over the network and causing it to shutdown but they'd need full access(Administrative privileges), and since its a server people are constantly accessing it, which is the point of a server.

    Other than that there could be something in the software your running on it that is causing it to shut off.

    Really I wouldn't know were to start. :pfff:
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