Nvidia 8500gt vs. 9800gt

I am looking to doing a little upgrading. I am currently running Vista 32-bit on an Asus M2R32-MVP with a Nvidia 8500gt. I am going to upgrade the bios from 1009 to 1109, which will support the Phenom x4 9850. This mobo doesn't support pcie 2.0 and the 9800 will only be running on pcie 1.0, so my question is will there be any difference in performance from the 8500gt to the 9800gt or will it be minimal. I know the board is old, but I wanted to see if there is any significant improvement using the 9800gt with the phenom x4 before getting a new board.

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  1. Overclock the cpu a bit (2.8-3.0GHz) and that 9800 gt will shine.
    When you go for a newer graphics card later on, you'll have to upgrade the mobo, but motherboards have become cheaper, while still being reliable and allowing crossfire/sli, 4 DDR2/3 slots.
  2. PCI-E 16x wont come close to being saturated by a 9800gt, so not running it on 2.0 will make no difference at all. And there will be a sizable difference, the 9800gt is quite a bit faster than the 8500.
  3. ^ good point
  4. Thanks guys, yeah I have a Linkworld lpk12-35 550w psu with a 6pin. That should be fine. I just wasnt sure if not running the pcie 2.0 was going to show a difference or not. Didn't want to spend the money if there wasn't going to be any results.
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