Q9650 cpu with GTX 580 SLI

very simple question will the 580 SLI bottleneck my CPU?? i have it OC to 3.2, currently running 1 GTX 580. one more thing will my 750 Watt psu do the job with a 580 SLI combo? thanks?
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  1. 900+ watts power supply is recommended for two GTX580's in SLI. In order to avoid CPU bottlenecking with that system you need to be playing at high resolutions and/or multiple monitors. Also, you need to be sure that your motherboard is SLI certified. Just because it has two PCIex16 lanes does not mean that it is SLI certified.
  2. damn ill have to look for bigger PSU. yeah my evga 680i is certified, i was running 460 sli before, thank you tho
  3. but again like i said on a previous post, i rather have a single very powerful GPU instead of SLI.
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