Doing a Sandy Bridge based build needing part suggestions

Here's a list of my current build and below that I'll explain why I decided to go ahead and do a new build even though my current setup isn't that old. (Some of my friends have said I'm being crazy lol...) I will also list my main system uses etc at the bottom. My Budget for the remaining parts I haven't already bought is right around 700-900USD so basically if you make any suggestions please keep that in mind, although I honestly wouldn't mind to spend up to about 100 more than what I just listed it all kinda just depends really.

CPU - Intel core i7 920
MOBO - ASrock Extreme (1366 Socket) X58
Memory - Corsair XMS series 1600MHZ DDR3
PSU - 700W Cooler Master Silent pro S
OS SSD - OCZ Vertex 2 120Gb
Slave Hard-drive's - 750Gb Western Digital (7200RPM) 500Gb Western Digital (5900RPM), Samsung 500Gb (7200RPM)
GPU - ATI HIS 4890

Basically my current system is using a Intel i7 920 and even though I realize that the i7 920 is a perfectly fine CPU and still isn't really out dated or anything, when I read a couple articles about the new Sandy Bridge CPU's I decided to go ahead and purchase the new i7 2600k. Simply because of how much you can overclock them and the fact that even when its not overclocked it actually keeps up with the i7 980x 6-core CPU (Gulftown) and cost about 600USD less. So far I've only read two full reviews on the Sandy Bridge CPU's but both of them have the i7 2600k actually keeping up with the 980x which when you consider how much the 980x cost in comparison it's almost hard to believe. So anyways this is why I went ahead and impulsively bought the i7 2600k ... So anyways here is a list of the parts I have bought so far.

CPU - Intel core i7 2600k
MOBO - ASrock Extreme 4 (1155 socket) P67

In my current system I have a 120Gb OCZ vertex 2 SSD that I plan to re-use I also am toying around with the idea of possibly keeping the GPU I currently have as well seeing as these days I basically just do video editing using Premiere pro CS5 and a bit of stuff in After Effects and Photo-shop,Illustrator,Sound-booth etc. I work at a TV station so for the most part I only do video related stuff although I do in some cases use photo-shop and Illustrator to make lower-thirds for new clients etc and or logos and things like that. But for the most part I only do video editing so i don't ever do any 3D stuff or massive amounts of batch exporting re-encoding video or stuff etc. So I haven't ever really thought I would see huge performance gains from one of NVIDIA's Quadro GPU's... But I could be wrong. But other than my edit work I don't play games a ton anymore either I pretty much only surf the net and do video editing and or watch movies on my PC on occasions.

Although if I do decide to buy a new GPU because you feel it would improve my overall user experience with the type of usage I have described please feel free to make suggestions.

Anyways though I'm currently thinking of buying some type of 8Gb RAM kit. I'm aware Sandy Bridge CPU's use Dual Channel RAM so if anyone has any suggestions of any kind I'm totally open to any. Also if anyone feels I should get more RAM then please list any suggestions you have.

I'm also totally undecided on what brand of PSU to go with this time all I know is I want it to be 800W or bigger.

As far as cases go I think I am most likely going to buy the new CoolerMaster 942 HAF my current build has the 932 HAF and I was really happy with the overall case design etc. I always liked how much air flow it had and the fact that it wasn't super loud at the same time. The tool free design on the inside of the case is also a big plus. With the new 942 HAF though it has two USB 3.0 Ports up front which I like quite a bit. (Although since the Asrock MOBO I bought came with a kit for having 2 3.0 ports up front in a optical drive slot) makes me open to cases that don't offer that.
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  1. Awesome! Sounds like you have things pretty well figured out--my best guess is that the GPU you have would be fine, 8GB RAM should be fine (check Superbiiz, Amazon, and Newegg to compare DDR3 prices), and Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and Enermax are some highly recommended PSU manufacturers.

    Hope this helps!
  2. I will try to check out Amazon and super-biz for RAM admittedly sometimes I don't bother to check other sites besides new-egg for computer parts, even though there have been a few occasions where I have found better deals on amazon a few times so actually your answer helps me quite a bit thanks for taking the time to respond.
  3. Even though pretty much not many people have responded I'm going to go ahead and post a update because I went ahead and order a PSU along with a 8Gb RAM kit and the NVIDIA GeForce 470 (Fermi) graphics card which I found refurbished on newegg for 229.99 so I was fairly happy with that and the fact it came with a 90 day warranty in case it's broke or something in which case I would get a new replacement which sounds great to me.

    Even though I've always liked ATI/AMD GPU's quite a bit more than most of NVIDIA's stuff the simple fact that CS5 premiere pro supports the 470 for GPU acceleration made me go ahead and go with the card, because I do indeed do quite a bit of video editing of shows and or programs for my work, and also for my personal (side job) editing gigs I sometimes get.

    I ended up going with a G-SKILL 2X4Gb RAM kit so if I ever buy another 8Gb kit I'll be at 16Gb even though I don't see myself doing that any time soon in the future. The PSU I ended up picking was the a 750w Corsair PSU that did a review on and gave it their editor's choice award and since I highly respect their opinion I obviously went with that PSU since it was indeed around the amount of power I wanted to buy and it was also well within my overall desired price point I was thinking of for a PSU. I am going to post some pics I took of my MOBO along with the 2600k CPU I bought a couple weeks ago and post them on here later tonight. When I receive the other stuff I just mentioned later this week I'll post update pics of those as well. Although I'll actually post more specific model number info later tonight when I get back on to upload the pics stuff I already have.

    Anyways I still need to buy a SSD along with a slave storage device obviously I'm thinking at least 1.5TB's or 2TB's but any suggestions are welcome. The only other thing I'm still needing to buy at this point for this new build is a new case so I'm also totally open to anyone's suggestions on a possible case choice. Just to be a bit more specific though I'm obviously wanting to go with a fairly big case, just in-case at some point If I did indeed want to do some sort of SLI setup I'd have no space issues and so when I get the money to buy more than one SSD (200Gb's or more) at a time I'll have the option of setting up a nice RAID array, and not have to be concerned about space.
  4. Wait for the GTX 560 to come out, whether or not you're interested in it it will make the prices of all GTX 4xx drop.
  5. Here is the pictures as promised of the parts I have ordered already, as soon as I get the new parts I ordered tonight I'll post pics of them as well.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with
  6. Thanks for the heads up about the new 560 GPU coming out I'm gonna have to look around for a review on it, I may actually be interested in buying it, or doing as you also mentioned and using that as a opportunity to take advantage of the possible price drop on the older 470 GPU at that point.

    Here's the updated pictures I promised everyone :) I'll post again once I'm able to order my computer case and new SSD for the new build because I've decided rather than using my current SSD I'm most likely going to end up selling my old system all together.
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