How does the density of memory make difference

The user manual says my Dell Dimension 2400 computer takes DDR PC 2700 333 MHz SDRAM memory module (max. 1 GB) for upgrade but does not specify CL2 or CL2.5, nor density. I bought one from eBay marked 1 GB PC2700 DDR333 (not CL number, no density mark) and put in the slot. After power on, the screen gets stuck on BIOS and will not go on.

What is wrong and what should I say to the seller for exchange?

Many thanks

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  1. Did the seller indicate that it's compatible with your system? If it's 128Meg x 64 (low-density), then it should be compatible.
  2. Maybe it's just a bad stick of RAM?
    You can always tell the seller that, but try it in another rig before that.
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