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Buying from newegg help!!!

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January 15, 2011 12:33:35 AM

Sorry I wasn't sure where to put this, and since it's for my new build I thought id put it here..

here's the problem.

I live in canada, and while building for weeks a computer I wanted, putting money into my paypal and proceeding to purchase I run into a problem where they won't ship to me due to my address not bein verified on paypal. I almost threw up, about a month and a half ive been waiting saving and hoping for my new system now this. So I email them and they tell me there's 3 ways to do this.

1. have a credit card blah blah blah, well I don't own a credit card and I am not sure how to get one, which one to get, or how to ensure it will work with newegg.

2. get a paypal master card thingy, only available to us *thanks...*
3. get some code sent to me in my mail where I then fax them that code with photo id, I thought Id try this, then I find out that you can only do this 90 days after your paypal account has been created, mine is under 2 months old.

I literally hit a wall, I have been trying for around 8 hours to figure this out and am still lost. The only thing I can think of doing is getting some kinda pre-paid visa card, but I don't want to make a $2,700 card only to find out it still doesn't work. I don't understand why they can't ship it to my paypal address confirmed or not confirmed, is there anything you guy's can tell me, i know alot of us shop from new egg so maybe one of us ran into this problem.

Here's another promblem.

My home, where I am registered too be living, newegg won't ship to that area, but 20km away at my sisters house they do, so If I did get a credit card, wouln't I have to use my home address, where newegg won't ship too, and when I go to purchase again on if I have a different billing address as shipping address, I read that they will have a whole new system where I have to get my address verified.

Please I am desperate for some help
this is very fustrating, when you have the money but can't use it lol.

Thank you.

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January 15, 2011 1:12:16 AM

Wow, that's really frustrating--I'm so sorry!

I ran into problems with PayPal and my account being unverified at one point and it almost really messed up something I was ordering, too, so I sympathize.

I was able to verify my account by having them text a code to my cell phone, which I then typed in on my PayPal account--are you sure there isn't an option like that available for you? Have you talked with PayPal customer service?

Also, about shipping things, I've frequently had different billing addresses and shipping addresses, and it's never caused me a problem--call Newegg to verify this for sure, though.
January 15, 2011 1:38:47 AM

If you get a prepaid visa card, it will work no problem as its a Visa, they wont have any issue with the billing address for the card being quite different from the shipping address, it happens all the time when people order gifts, especially from canada for people in the US.

The problem here is with paypal, not with newegg, paypal isnt yet sure you are a real person, with a prepaid card, they dont care because its Visa promising them money, and you have promised to pay Visa, instead of like paypal where they are really getting it from you.

You can still call up newegg customer service and they should be able to tell you exactly what will work, if it gives you any trouble when attempting to order it you will probably be able to talk to them and they can trick the system on their side to make it work.
January 15, 2011 5:37:54 AM

Thanks for the input guys!

what im wondering is how to get these high amount prepaid visa cards, I seen the one's on the shelves in stoers for like 25 50 or 100 dollars, but where do I get say 2,500 on to one of them?