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I have three monitors which are connected to the pc in the following ways:

one monitor is connected by using vga cable and vga/dvi converter on the graphics card
one monitor is connected by using dvi cable and display port/dvi converter on the graphics card
one monitor is connected simply by using a dvi cable

Its all great but the thing is, i have to clone all the three monitors on the catalyst software before i can make them into a group ( guys familiar with eyefinity may know what im talkin about ).... and i can only clone two monitors. when i try to clone the third monitor, it tells me to remove an already cloned monitor from the clone... thus making the number of total cloned monitors back to two!

So simply, i cant clone more than two monitors....

what can be the cause of this?

P.S. My Card is an ati 6870 and the displayport/dvi converter im using doesnt need any other usb connection to power it
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  1. anyyyyyyone??????????
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