Can 2 P.S.U work in a single cpu case/cabinet.

i have Iball cabinet with 350w P.S.U, i'm planning to buy new intel i5 2500k and will be doing overclocking also
and i will be using integrated G.P.U ONLY. no addon card will be installed.

i think my existing 350w power supply will not be sufficient, so is it possible to use 2 P.S.U in a single cabinet
and use my new 350w P.S.U to give power to MOtherboard and Processor ( I5 2500k) and use another P.S.U ( 350w my OLD P.S.U ) to give power to other things like hard disk dvd writer and case/cabinet fan etc.

will it work?
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  1. Yes your 350W PSU won't be enough.. The reason being that it is pure junk.. May I suggest you to get a decent PSU from a reputed brand and keep away from dual PSU experiments..! If you do not plan on getting any add on video card then a decent PSU such as the Corsair CX 430 will suffice.. It also is very affordable.. And it can single handly take care of your proposed system..
  2. ^+1 good advice
    I have a Dell that is hard to fit aftermarket PSUs in so
    I am going to set up a second psu in an external enclosure and run a switch
    to the black and green
    I have had trade school classes in electronics and electricity (AC,DC etc)
    so for me it is normal to do something like this
    but if you are not properly trained a PSU can very easily be deadly

    with the price of decent PSUs so cheap and if your case is standard
    form factor (unlike my piece of crap Dell BTX slim tower) then
    there is no reason to run dual psus
    the heat factor alone would be a reason not to run two in a case
  3. Agree, just get a good psu - Emperus sugessed an excellent choice. Any good 300 W psu will easilly hand the 2500k, no gpu. Adding a 5770 your power consumption would be about 300 w, reason for a 400 w psu
    As to using two PSU - One cavet - Do NOT tie an output of one PSU to the other.They must go to seperate circuits.
    @ king smp
    PSU would only be deadly if he opened the pSU and put his pinkys accross the AC input and tried to hold on.
  4. remembe voltage doesnt kill
    amperage does

    that 12volt line can carry over 30 AMPS
    i have seen some guys without training splicing and rewiring connectors

    I rather take a 120 AC volt shock than a 12 DC volt 30+ amp shock

    I have been hit with 120 ac quite a few times over the years with no bad effects
    but still not good for you
    particulary bad if you suffer from heart problems

    One AMP can kill you
    much less 30 + amps
  5. ^ Don't take it the wrong way but.
    (1) 12 volts can only provide 30 amps if the resistance is 0.4 ohms.
    (2) a car battery can provide up to several hundred amps, Vast majority of people can put their fingers on the terninals and never Know it.
    (3) It takes much less than 1 amp to kill you, But it Requires the Voltage to generate that current.
    (4) the resistance of the human body is generally in the 100+ Kohms. Varies with several factor including the color of hair - blonds generally lower resistance than people with brown hair.12 v/100K is only 120 uAmps.
    (5) when working on circuits over 100 v, you normally work with one hand - They use to teach that you stick the other hand in your pocket. That way the current goes down the side of your body, Also the resistance of your shoes further reduces the current verse passing thru the heart.
    (6) I could not count the number of times I've been zapped, worst was 25 KV ( voltage to a old color CRT).

    Ref your comment "I have had trade school classes in electronics and electricity (AC,DC etc)"
    I've taught Electronics for 10 Years which included complete circuit analysis of several Radar systems. Also ran the electronics department of a Community Collage.
  6. I bow to your knowledge, Sir :)

    I only had 13 months of Lincoln Tech LOL

    You obviously have superior education

    I was wrong
  7. I have Coolermaster Cases that support Dual PSU's. Armed with two PSU's, a special adapter and hope I put those puppy's in there and hit the go button.

    The neighbours still refer to the outcome in hushed tones as "the incident".

    As you have been advised get one good PSU and don't mess with the natural order of things.
  8. ^ LMAO ROFL
  9. RetiredChief said:

    (3) It takes much less than 1 amp to kill you, But it Requires the Voltage to generate that current.

    Yep. 50 ma. (1/20 amp) through your body core (well, heart) has a 50/50 chance of killing you.
  10. ^ Knew it was in the milliamp range, just could not remember the approx value - also a timefactor is factored in.
    reminds me of that sick joke - When they elecute a prisoner, why the call him a DEAD short. When current passes through the body heat is generated much like any other resistor. This heat causes the body cells to expand and rupture, which inturns lowers the body resistance which causes more cells to rupture ect untill you are a chort circuit. LIKE i said - sick.

    But it is for this reason that many are killed by 110 VAC. Unlike DC which tends to throw you (Muscle contraction), AC tends to hold on to you (ie hand wraped around the voltage, not just touching it). The current is only around 1 mAmp initially, but rises as the lenght of contact increases.
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