Motherboard optical or HDMI videocard

Hey all :hello:
Im look for a surround sound system. I have it picked one out but im wondering about the sound quality.

780i SLI
Q6600 2.4 ~3.1
8GB pc8500

Im not sure what would be better.. Using my motherboards' optical or the HDMI cable from my video card. I was thinking the video card might be better seeing how its newer. But im not sure if there will be a difference in load.

Also I should point out im using a VIZIO 42" LCD 240hz. And for the im using the VGA cable.

in the future i might consider getting a soundcard. But that will have to wait for awhile.

Thanks for any input
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    The HDMI output will be better.
    The Optical output would have been the choice if you were using a full set of HiFi Equipment. And an even better option would have been using a great soundcard with the Optical Out into a HiFi System with all the great expensive stuff attached.
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