Problem with my pc MB p8p67


core i7-2600
asus p8p67
corsair 8gb ddr3 ( 2x4)
hd radeon 5850
power supply: coolermaster 1000W

i mistakenly rested my pc, tried to turn it on again it does but turns off instantly and turns on again, and stays like that, no image, no beeps, tpu and epu led on, cpu led on ( red ), i took out the cpu fan and put my finger on the cpu to check if its heating, it doesnt.

please guys can u help me with this,


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  1. What do you mean by "rested"? Sleep? Hibernation? Reset? Restarted?
  2. Reseted
  3. And how did you reset it, by pressing the reset switch?
  4. Open the case and reset the BIOS to default values.
    Then if it boots past the BIOS, press F8 and boot once into Safe Mode.
    Let windows fully startup and then shut it down.
    Boot into BIOS again and make the necessary changes in the Boot order etc etc. Save & Exit, Boot into windows normally.
    Do this and let us know what happens when.
  5. Alright ill let u know

  6. Might also be a memory problem. You can try the memOk! feature of your board. See:
  7. Thanks for the help, but no luck

    nothing happens, my case fans and vga fan start at full throttle and don't stop as well

    anything else? I should try

    thanks again
  8. Did you reset the BIOS?
  9. Yes, nothing happens
  10. How did you reset the BIOS?
  11. Took the battery out
  12. How about just removing the CPU and then reseating it? Have you given that a try, I'd also like you to check to see if there is any discoloration on the CPU base contact points or the Pins in the socket that are on the Mobo. Use a torch/flashlight if you have to and check if you see any signs of the copper contacts overheating.
  13. When i get home ill check

    thanks again
  14. OMG I've been squinting into that pic for like 20 Minutes now, can't make head or tail of it, might be a bad angle, but if you have a few more pics from different sides that would help. The SB socket does have that fancy 2Ls shape so you never know ...
  15. Yep exactly it has the 2 Ls, perhaps in the picture u cant see the discoloration well but its there...

    In that case, bye cpu and motherboard?
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    Most probably the Mobo, you can always try the CPU in another rig. I'd suggest checking them both with a different PSU outside the rig if that was possible before sending it back for an exchange.
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