Can this computer play starcraft2?

I recently bought a desktop but I could barely play sc2 on low setting, it still lags a bit. I was wondering if buying this new computer will work to at least play on med/high setting or even ultRA. My friends told me that I could only play on low/med setting with the specs but they're not exactly computer tech people so hopefully someone can give me an answer.
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  1. Yes that Pc will play Starcraft2 at med/high settings at 1600x900 and lower.

    But if you're going to spend that amount of money I suggest you build your own,for that price you can build a quality PC that will able to run most games at high settings.
  2. thanks for the advice, but as you can tell, I know almost nothing about computers. It would be a miracle if I could find a decent computer for a decent price, let alone building one. >.< Thanks for the help though, I really appreciate it :)
  3. Heres a PC build that will run practically any game very well.

    Case- -$40.00

    PSU- -$45

    Memory- -$42.00

    CPU- -$120

    MObo- -$60.00

    OS-Windows 7-$99.00

    HDD- -$45.00

    Video Card- -$120.00

    Total-$571.00 shipping around $30.00

    This build will play every game at pretty good settings.I'm sure theres other builds that are cheaper.For starcraft this PC will play it at Ultra settings including AA and AF.
    I have a similar build such as this, except my cpu is an athlonx3 440 which is slower.
  4. Dont be scared of building one Kev, check section 4 out on this

    Take your time and it really isn't as scary as you might think, you get a better pc for the outlay, you understand it more so you can faultfind and fix if necessary, go on, read up, learn a little more and take the plunge :)
    We're here to help as well remember
  5. Wow, thanks for the help. You guys are amazing :D
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