Trouble Finding Intel X48 Motherboards

Hello everyone,

I'm having serious problems locating a decent-priced, quality X48 motherboard. There's not much on ebay right now and I can't justify spending over 100 dollars on an outdated socket. I'm open to P45 boards but I want to run Crossfire, causing me lean towards the X48. I'm building a friend of mine a mid-level gaming PC - mobo is OEM and the BIOS is locked. It's all so frustrating...anyone want to sell me a quality X48 board??? haha

Happy Holidays,

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  1. Ebay has some ASUS and MSI x48 boards here. One of the ASUS boards looks like it has all the original stuff: cables and driver CD.
  2. Yeah, forgot to mention that I'm less interested in that particular board. I've been monitoring about 5-6 boards on ebay, but I'd like to see if there are alternative sources. I appreciate the quick reply. :)
  3. I might consider the MSI X48C if anyone here can persuade me with a reasonable argument. lol
  4. Here's an X48 Supermicro, but I have no idea of the condition or etailer reputation.

    The X48 boards have been hard to find for at least 2 years. Good luck!
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