SpeedFan and CoreTemp give different temperatures

So I installed SpeedFan and it looked like my CPU was idling in the 80's! And then I used CoreTemp and it said the cores are in the 30's. Is there a problem here I need to fix?

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  1. I use Real Temp. It seems to give me the most consistent results.
  2. Speedfan is getting old and many people have had bad readings or incorrectly labled readings

    I use Coretemp,Realtemp and HWmonitor and mainly use Coretemp

    All three show different readings LOL

    There is the Great Myth of Temp Monitoring which is
    that is exact idle/load temps

    I have been obsessed with temps for about two years

    after two years of google research, experimenting/testing and having journals with temps and worrying about 2 or 3 degrees idle temp differences that
    after recent reading and my own conclusions
    that using temp software is useless for real readings

    Stick with one program (coretemp is good) and just use it as a baseline

    If you properly applied paste and a decent fan/heatsink in a temperature controlled
    room that hever goes over 80F then you never have to worry about a temp
    problem unless your fan stops working

    If coretemp is reading 30c at idle with cooling functioning properly then realize
    that is NOT really at 30c
    that is your baseline temp
    as long as you dont see that raise dramitcally (bad fan problem)
    and your room doesnt go over 80F
    than dont even worry about it
    the idle temp is just an indicator that the cooling is working not EXACT temp

    Intel themselves stated that the DTS (digital thermal sensor) used in Core series
    is highly inaccurate at idle (+/- 10 degrees C)
    It is only reasonably accurate at LOAD MAx temps

    AND Intel uses Tcase temps in specs (temperture of CPU package- the outside of the cpu heatspreader) and not Tjmax
    In fact it is hard to find an accurate TJMax temp for any cpu

    I have seen my C2D listed from 85c-100c for Tjmax with everybody disagreeing on it

    Also the 45nm series cpus particulary have a problem with accurate temps especially at idle

    Basically run Prim95 (small ffts) for 20 minutes with Coretep and if your CPU
    doesnt go over 70C then dont even worry unless your house goes over 80F in the summer

    Temperature monitoring is a trap for Obsessive/Compulsive personalities to freak out about
  3. Okay, so I checked RealTemp and it said I'm idling in the 30's, so I think I'm okay. I would still like to know why SpeedFan gives a temp of 80?
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    speed fan doesnt read i7 cpu's very well. often its 10 degrees off. especially if you use an odd multi like 19 or 21.
    use realtemp or coretemp.
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  6. NakedSnake said:
    Okay, so I checked RealTemp and it said I'm idling in the 30's, so I think I'm okay. I would still like to know why SpeedFan gives a temp of 80?


    Allowing for a little measurement error I think its safe to say one is C and the other is F
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