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This build is mostly going to be used as DAW/casual gaming rig and all that falls in between :D
the budget is tight so any improvements/critique/downgrade is much appreciated,dont refrain from giving some pointers if you've had experience with the same model/series. thanks!

AMD Phenom ii x6 1090T
Asus Crosshair iv Formula
NZXT Gamma black steel mid-tower
CoolerMaster GX650 (still skeptical about this one)
xfx ATI Radeon HD 4670 1 GB
G.Skill F3-12800CL8D-4GBRM

whatever is left off is going to be used from my old computer,like i said the budget's a bit of a problem coupled with lack of choices when buying high end peripherals in my country :(

What do you all think?

EDIT:Iam not planning on overclocking now but i will be going for it in about a year's time along with crossfire,iam hoping this PSU should be enough?
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  1. If your application can use all those cores the CPU is fine, sound app like Cubase can use all the 6 cores. You can get a cheaper mobo, it's not good to crossfire two cheap video cards, better get a single good one.
    ASRock 870 EXTREME3
    MSI 870A-G54
    Video cards
    HD 5850, 6850
    GTX 460/1G
    SeaSonic S12II 520
    Antec NeoEco 520C
    Antec Earthwatts EA 650
    Corsair VX450/550
  2. Thanks for the reply,i'll think about the motherboard alternatives,though the crosshair seems like the best buy by shedding a few extra and by reducing the graphics for now,A year later it would make much more sense getting new gfx card,no way iam crossfiring the 4670 lol.

    unfortunately the antec earthwatts EA 650 is not available,so cant really look into its pricing here.
  3. You may want to get 8gigs of memory.. I agree about the motherboard being plane overkill if you are never going to crossfire and stuff..
  4. Maybe you can get a HD 5770 now, very decent card for gaming. Some links to sites with parts in there could help.
  5. Where are you buying from so we can see your PSU selection?

    I would avoid the GX 650, the GX 750 has major issues with ripple going way out of spec so i cant recommend anything in that line up.

    Check out 650W units from Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, and Antec, they are all nice units, in the US you can sometimes find the XFX 650 with the silver fan with a nice rebate on it.
  6. @mosox

    the common reference would be ,the selection is plain limited price wise.for example,the corsair smps go upto double the pricing mentioned on newegg :-\


    from india,and i've given a pretty good link for pricing right above.And what did you mean by ripples?voltage fluctuations?thats a interesting insight,people on newegg reviews can be misleading at times..


    overkill it is,besides i love that board :D the main combo i was aiming for was the best mobo and processor couple and i think iam sure about this one..

    Now the only thing left off is getting a good SMPS,anyone?
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    Newegg reviews arent useful on power supplies, they are more useful for stuff like CPU coolers to see if someone encountered a specific problem with the specific board you are getting or something like that, no one on newegg is qualified to get a decent PSU review, get them from somewhere like jonnyguru, or hardwaresecrets where they specialize in them, even Tom's reviews are poor quality compared to those two sites.
    Here is the review of the GX 750 done by jonnyguru, you might not get it all but looking through it should help you understand somethings, also check out their FAQs if you want to find out more about PSUs

    Your PSU is supposed to output DC, that means that the voltage is supposed to stay at one value and not change ideally, the way PSUs are built there are tiny high frequency fluctuations in that voltage referred to as ripple, ideally the ripple should be small so it doesnt have much of an impact, ATX spec allows for 120mV peak to peak ripple on the 12V rail and 50mV on the 5V rail and 3.3V rail, the ATX spec is pretty loose so failing to keep within it is a bad sign and can lead to damage on some parts so out of spec ripple can actually be dangerous to the rest of the system.

    Hope that all made sense.
  8. I just got Seasonic M12II 620W bronze. It's a nice PSU.
  9. thanks for the link hunter and bringing it to my notice,iam glad i posted it up here.the 750 version of it doesnt seem to do even 600watt and yeah fluctuations on the 3.3
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