New video card, Mobo Comparability?

Okay so currently i have H-RS880-uATX (Aloe) as my Mobo. I am looking to upgrade the Video card.

I am running a ATI 4200 Integrated.

Now will my MoBo support an Nvidia Gforce 460?

Or am i stuck with using an ATI 5870/5850?

My budget is around 400.

PSU: 300w
GPU: ATI 4200
Screen Res: 1080p @60Hz
Mobo: H-RS880-uATX (Aloe)
RAM: 8 GB ddr3
OS: Windows 7
Proc: AMD Phenom II X4 810
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  1. Right^
    Your board supports any PCI-E 2.0/2.1 card just make sure you have an adequate PSU.
  2. That 300W is not going to cut it for a GTX 460. Your motherboard will support it though.

    Also note that SLI may not work, since the Nvidia chipsets on AMD motherboards haven't worked very well with the recent cards, so if that's a future aspiration that is something to be aware of.
  3. okay, so I had planned on getting a 650 w psu. So if I get a 5870 single card, can I run it?
  4. Okay? So If i cant do

    Then can you tell me the absolute best card i can run. PSU not in the mix.
  5. I plan to upgrade my PSU, so would that change the options for me?
  6. The only reason i would get the 650 is becuase it came with
  7. Already been done, I have a 24 and 27cm card sitting in a box and a same size psu as the one i would be buying. They all fit.
  8. Okay, let me back up a min. I'm stupid... My case will fit a pci express slot in the back. And has 1 slot in the Mobo available. So that would mean that the card is fine to run. Correct me if im wrong.
  9. Well, Thanks for all the help, and im sorry for my misunderstanding. :P

    Thanks again for helping me work it out, I am very thankful.
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