Cpu cooler for lga 1155 that mounts without having to take the motherboard out

I am a non gamer building my first system. I mounted the asus p8p67 MB with i7 2600K with the stock cooler. Is this stock cooler OK for non gaming and no over clocking?
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    If you're not going to overclock you will be okay with the stock cooler, regardless of CPU usage. Only worry about an aftermarket heat sink if you plan on overclocking.
  2. The term you used, non-gaming, is too vague to comment about, but the main purpose of heat sink fans are to keep the CPU temperatures down.
    Without overclocking, you should be just fine with the stock heatsink, try to measure the temperatures with Core Temp. You should aim to keep your temperatures below 70c
  3. As long as you don't overclock, you should be fine with the crappy stock cooler.

    However, if you should decide to get an aftermarket cooler and want one that performs well but you don't have to take out the mainboard, then I suggest the Scythe Rasetsu. It uses push-pin mounts similar to the stock cooler but it works much better. I overclocked my 2500K CPU to 4.8GHz using that cooler for the first two months, but just recently switched to water cooling.
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