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dear sir mydell inspiron 1525 laptop starts fan runs but the screen is blank i was told that the motherboard has 2 slots and originally fixed 1 gb each ddrm the tecnician told that 1 slot is not functioning properly he used the eraser but still this did not fix the problem at present i am using only 1 slot with 1 gb ddrm i dont know how long the computer will work kindly help me how to solve this problem as u see the new mother board cost is as good as buying a new laptop
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  1. You can't fix it if it's out of warranty. You might be able to get a 2 gb stick cheap, but check your board specs carefully before spending any more money. The limit may be 1 gb/slot. In my craigslist ads today, someone is selling 2x2gb of notebook ram for only $15; check your local listings for a similar deal.
  2. well thanks it dint help me i am thinking of selling my my laptop and buy new plz suggest how is the perfomance of lenovo 570 model
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