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New at&t 2wire modem will not let me connect to internet via cat5

Last response: in Networking
June 21, 2010 9:37:22 PM


I recently moved and left my PC at my old home. I currently have two laptops; both are Dells. One has Windows XP and the other has Windows 7. I ordered at&t DSL with a 2Wire modem/router for my new home.

When I tried to set up my modem/network, I could not get onto the Internet (using a cat5 connection on the laptop with Windows7). On both computers, when I plugged them into the modem, it would say that I was connected to the 2Wire, but that I did not have internet access. I called at&t and was on the phone with the support tech for 1 1/2 hours. We tried manually connecting using a ipv4, power off/power on, etc (and yes, all of the lights on the 2Wire make it appear that it is running fine). Finally, he asked me to try connecting using the wireless. I was able to connect via wireless on the very old Dell. I am still not able to connect using either wireless or wire with the newer Dell. The tech concluded that there is something wrong with both of my laptops and advised me that I needed to contact the at&t computer support department, and that I could not send the modem back. The thing is, both of these computers were working just fine using either wireless or wired connections before I moved.

Anyone have any ideas on why I would not be able to connect using a cat5 with both computers, and why I still can't connect with the wireless on the Dell with Windows 7?
June 24, 2010 10:16:16 PM

Did he have you run from cmd line ipconfig /release , then: ipconfig /flushdns , and then ipconfig /renew ? if not give that a shot.

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