XFX, MSI, EVGA, Palit, Sparkle, Zotac

Do any of these manufacturers stand out, either for being very good or very bad?

In choosing an GT 240 card, these were my choices (I needed 1GB and DDR5). I went with the XFX based on a few reviews and price.
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  1. Um..... depends..... probably MSI, EVGA, XFX, and Zotac are the best of them.... MSI seems to be decent..... XFX usually has good or bad....
  2. XFX is fine. Just be sure to register your warranty (if that applies in your country).
  3. nah, mine have either been AWESOME or stink so bad....
  4. I have XFX their RMA process was great sent 2 cards and got them back in a week. As EXT64 says make sure you register! Depending where you are it can have a double lifetime warranty!!
  5. Glad to hear that their RMA process is so efficient! I take it a lot of cards have to be sent back?
  6. No, no :lol:

    I don't think so at any rate, but ALL manufacturers make a defective card now and then, so it is something to consider.
  7. I prefer EVGA, MSI, and XFX (in that order - have bought products from all three companies and have been thoroughly pleased), and avoid Sparkle, Zotac, and Palit. They tend to get bad reviews and fail more frequently than the first three manufacturers.

    Also, EVGA has one of the best registration/support integration systems I have experienced with any sort of product. I get response emails within an hour of asking a question, and the reps are very helpful and will work with you to get things right. When you need tech support, you can just select the registered product from a drop down box, instead of having to go through several menus selecting the model and such. It also lets them know of the warranty information of your product.
  8. avoid sparkle.. buildign systems for people they are 3/4 for doa cards and the one that worked quit in under 6 months ... thier rma process was not bad though just annoying that it didn't last he's on the second card and its been about 4 months so time will tell if it lasts
  9. I've sent 15 back to XFX, must be me. seriously if a brick was to fall out of the sky 100 meters from me, it would somehow hit me....

    w/e I only got refused on one card.....
  10. Out of how many purchased?
  11. either get msi or asus.
    But...but...but y 1GB? 512MB performs better... comes cheaper too
  12. The brands are different for different people. Some people have a different experiance with each.

    Personally, i go with the most warranty, the most game bundles/accessories and the one which is looking the best.

    I know its different in the UK to the US. As in the UK we get a problem with the component, we return it to the Place of Purchase, not the manufacturer. So it doesnt matter who made it as the POP has to repair/replace it.

    US is different, you have more dealings with the manufacturer..

    But on a personal note - i would pick anyone apart from BFG (Yes ive still seen these for sale) and Palit.

    BFG - Cause they have gone bankrupt, so no more support.
    Palit - Quality of the units are shite at best, 3 ive had, and 3 times the fan fins have broken. So fragile..
  13. out of around 40ish.....

    I don't hold it against them, it is just my experience, Palit is horrible, ditto with Sparkle.
  14. =p you love Nvidia, don't you?
  15. =p I noticed...
  16. Anik8 said:
    either get msi or asus.
    But...but...but y 1GB? 512MB performs better... comes cheaper too

    Dirty little secret: this board is not for games!!!

    I'll be using this for Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing software, which requires around 800 Meg. The more the better. If I could find 2GB I would take it.
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