Cinebench R10 Results....

I noticed that Tom's and Andandtech benchmarks include the free benchmark Cinebench R10 so I decided to d/l it and post my results. I am currently OC'd to 4500MHz on my i7 2600k.

Single Core - 7561 CB
Multi Core - 29829 CB
OpenGL - 6829 CB

Please post your results for comparison!
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  1. Anybody else got this benchmark???
  2. One more thing, I noticed that the scores fluctuate from test to test. I wonder what a normal fluctuation is?
  3. System Core2Duo E4500 OCd to 2.93ghz
    HD 4650 1gb OCd to 712mhz core/1100mhz effective memory

    single Cpu render - 2926
    mulit cpu render - 5263
    open GL - 5403

    I ran it for fun just to see how powerful a Sandybridge is compared to an old C2D

    A single core of I7 2600k 4.5ghz is 7561
    while both cores of Core2Duo 2.93ghz is 5263

    it would be interesting if you clocked down to 3.0ghz
    going by the numbers posted
    with same clock speeds it looks like one core of 2600k is equal to 2 cores of C2D
    with 4 physical cores + 4 HT cores
    at the same clock speed (keep in mind the 2600k is 3.4ghz at stock-not 3.0)
    then a 2600k is easily clock for clock approximately 10X as powerful as C2D
    at 4.5ghz OCd the 2600k is equal to close to TWENTY Core2Duos (3.0ghz)
    also keep in mind that the "ancient" C2D was built in 2007
    4 "long" years ago LOL
  4. actually you are at approx 30000 cb
    i am at 5000 cb
    so a 2600k OCd 4.5ghz is 6X more power than a C2D OC 2.93ghz at rendering
  5. Sandy bridge is a beast! My cinebench scores crush a 980x even (granted I'm oc'd)...
  6. I find it amazing to look back about 5 years (2006) and realize
    that the Core2Duo was just coming out and the Athlon FX was about
    the fastest consumer desktop chip at the time and cost close to a
    thousand UD dollars if I remember right

    Nowadays a $100 cpu would crush the FX
    Nowadays a $100 video card would destroy a $500 card from 5 years ago
    You can buy a I3 Sandybridge for about $125 USD
    A Intel Atom dual core at 1.8 would destroy a Pentium D 3.73 from five years ago

    I am 40 years old and cannot believe the pace that tech especially price to performance has reached

    Seriously my cell phone is as powerfull as a desktop from 5 years ago

    I dont think I have seen technology progress so fast in such a short time
    in my whole life

    And remember when I was 7 the Atari Pong machine for the home was the big deal
    and the Atari 2600 game console was just coming out
    I remember using rotary dial phones,no cable,color TVs were too expensive so we had B&W, basic function calculators cost $150 and that was a cheap one
    8 track was the audio format at the time

    So when I see that I cant believe how tech has progressed in 5 years you can see where I am coming from.

    5 years ago people were still buying a CRT TV now it is the 3D tvs that are hot
    5 years ago a PSP was the hottest handheld and now a 3DS with no glasses 3D and a camera that can take 3D photos is out
    5 years ago you were happy with a phone that had a camera and now they are mini
    PCs with OSes on them

    And 40 is not really old (except to a 20 year old LOL)
  7. I'll have to give this one a try later. Especially after my watercooling arrives... I'll be fooling around with my OC for sure lol.
  8. Alright well at my current settings (3.867ghz, 1624mhz CL8 RAM) I scored:

    OpenGL: 9527

    Single CPU: 5448

    Multi CPU: 19219
  9. Your CF cards kill my single 560Ti in OpenGL. I need a second 560Ti bad!!!
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