MOBO or RAM Problem? (Sandy Bridge Build)

Hi Guys

I'm having a slight issue with my new build, here are the specs:

Intel Core i7-2600K | ASUS P8P67 PRO | MSI N570GTX | 16GB (4 x 4GB)G.SKILL Ripjaws Series | A-DATA S599 64GB | 3 x 1TB Samsung F3

If the PC is totally turned off, when I boot it up the case and MOBO lights will come on, then it will turn off again.

A second later it will turn back on but won't boot (no display), on the MOBO there is a red light in the top right hand corner by the RAM which doesn't turn off (Other red lights on the MOBO turn on and off, almost like it's checking different things).

I unplug the PC from the mains, plug it back in and it boots ok.

When I first built the machine, it slowed my RAM down to 1333Mhz. I had to change it back to 1600Mhz in the BIOS. It didn't stay that way so I tried a ASUS default "speed boost" from within Windows. I choose "Fast" rather than "Extreme" and it seems to stay that way now according to the BIOS spped settings.

But even now, if the PC is turned off and back on again (like this morning when it had been turned off all night) then it wont boot first time. I have to unplug and plug it back in again.

BTW, what DRAM Frequency should it read in CPU-Z under the memory tab, currently for me it is 824.3Mhz.
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  1. What PSU? Set the RAM voltage to the one recommended by the producer, might be 1.5, 1.6 or 1.65V. If still not working try with one stick at a time.
  2. Corsair 950XT PSU.

    I've not changed any Voltage settings yet (never OC'ed before).

    Once I'm in Windows everything is sweet. I've heard that others are having issues with RAM speed on theis MOBo too, I am hoping that it isn't the RAM doing this. I've got antoher 8GB on the way, so I will be able to rule it out completely next week if required.
  3. Set the RAM voltage in the BIOS. The Bios defaults the RAM voltage to 1.5V so if your RAM works at 1.65V you must change it. That's not OC. Check your RAM specifications.
  4. Understood, according to NewEgg my Voltage should be 1.5V. I will check to make sure my BIOS is set to that.
  5. Confirmed @ 1.5v
  6. So it turns out that the RAM I have (G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL) isn't on the approved list of compatible Memory for the board!

    Mistake I made was that I was going to get 4x2GB and got my head turned at the last minute by the 4x4GB. I had previously checked my original choice and just assumed that the 4x4GB would be ok aswell.

    Question is, will future BIOS updates maybe add my memory or does it not work like that?
  7. Can you send back the RAM and get some new one?
  8. I think I can (NewEgg)

    Could you recommend some RAM for the ASUS P8P67 Pro? Also what will be the maximum memory I need without it becoming the bottleneck on Windows 7 Pro 64Bit.
  9. Hard to say, the 4G sticks are tricky. This one should work, set the voltage to 1.65.
    You don't need more. For gaming 4G should be enough, you can get this
  10. Actually you know.. Just checked the QVL again. If I search by Model Number (F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL) It comes up but under the size column it says 4GB (2x 2 GB) instead of 8GB (2x 4 GB)..

    is it just a typo on Asus's part?
  11. I've just reset the CMOS.

    Please see the linked pic for the what it is reporting in Windows now.

    This is after I changed the speed in the BIOS to 1600mhz. I turned the machine off and waitied a few minutes. Booted it back on again, it reset once before successfully POSTing.
  12. I think resetting the CMOS did the trick. Although it did the old "double boot" the first time, once I set the RAM to 1600Mhz in th BIOS it's stuck. And the computer now boots everytime the first time.

    I will try unplugging it next and booting again to be double sure....
  13. It seems you solved it.
  14. Well, it worked after a total cold boot (unplugging from the mains etc...). I had left it for a little while before plugging back in.

    I also left the PC on all night with no ill effect this morning (before the CMOS Clearance if turned off or crashed overnight).

    Does the screenshot above tell you that the RAM is running at 1600MHz? If so, then yes I think it's fixed!
  15. Yep. 800 double data rate means 1600.
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