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Gpu fan stuck at 100%? 4870x2


You can distinctly tell the % the gpu fan is at for any 4870x2 user, My GPU is running very cool for a 4870x2 (58celcius) and the fan is BLARING loud stuck at 100%

However, I when I lower my fan speed in CCC or afterburner it shows that it's going lower, however the fan speed is not actually changing. I have both tried setting a profile and disabling fan control... nothing is working... any assistance would be appreciated

I'll check back in the morning :D

Thanks for any advice

p.s. yes it's the fan, yes it's at 100%, yes I hit apply, no I don't hear voices

edit: this occurred around the time I took the 80gig sATA out of my broken ps3 and put it in my PC, and started playing ffx on a ps2 emulator. I don't recall the exact time, as I didn't really mind while I was playing the game but I cannot sleep with this ruckus
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    Agree, re-install the driver, use driver sweeper or update it with the latest driver from AMD site...
  2. eek! my fan stopped or something she's at 106celcius, time your advice :D thanks by the way!
  3. I hate that I put the "I'm not a retard so don't give me trivial answers" pretty strong. BUT it turns out the fan connector was loose or something to that matter, and was going at 100% no matter what, eventually (2-3 hours later) vibrated looser? and turned the fan off completely
  4. SO, what happened to your card now?
  5. I plugged the fan back in, and it's perfectly fine... :)
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  7. glad that your card is "alive" again...
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