2D surround won't work with 2 gtx 460's

I will put as much info here to hopefully get the help i'm looking for. I recently built a new gaming rig, i'm trying to run 3 hanns g 25'' monitors connected to 2 gtx 460 vid cards. I can't get all 3 monitors to come up in 2D surround when attempting to put them in SLI mode. Only 1 or 2 will show up but not all 3. My mobo is a ASUS P755 WS Supercomputer mobo. I have the 1st video card in the slot that's marked pci-e2.0x16_1 and the 2nd is located in pci-e2.0x16_4 because the mobo book said the cards should be in those two slots that will give you x16 x16 performance. The nvidia driver's i'm using are the 260.99, I was told by nvidia tech support to use the 260.89 instead and that didn't work either. I haven't tried to update any drivers on the mobo because the only one's that are available for this mobo only pertain to the bios or cpu. I know there is nothing wrong with the video cards and the monitors and I should be able to have my setup working in 2D surround. I need your greatness good people of Tom's hardware.
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  1. Make sure you have 2 of them plugged into the primary card and 1 plugged into the secondary card, then go to the Nvidia control panel and under the SLI menu there is a button for spanning 3 displays with Nvidia surround. When you press that it should tell you if your monitors are connected property and if they are all compatable (should be no problem if they are identical). Then you hit apply and it should work.
  2. I did all of that and still, nothing. I'm using on all 3 monitors, hdmi to dvi connectors with hdmi cables. And I have a Corsair 750 watt psu. Any more info you might need because something just isn't right with this situation. At least with ati, even thought I had to use the displayport adapter, it did work for me. I'm beyond pissed!
  3. Have you tried just using DVI cables instead of adaptors and HDMI cables? Can you use all 3 displays when SLI is not enabled?
  4. I don't have 3 dvi cables and I did get all 3 monitors to come up when sli was disabled.
  5. Well the cables really shouldn't make any difference I just thought if you had some you might try it. I'm at a loss, your monitors are obviously connected properly if you can see them all when not in SLI and if they are all identical there is no reason it shouldn't work that I know of. Here's a free bump, hope someone else has some better advise.
  6. Thanks buddy.
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