Sabertooth x58 i7 960 crash issues


I currently just bought the following rig but im having some major issues with the PC crashing

Processor:- Intel Core i7 960 3.2
Mobo:- Asus Sabertooth X58 Socket
Ram:- Crucial Ballistix Sport 12GB (3x4GB)
Graphics:- GTX 560 Twin Forzr II
530W power supply

If I run the PC in default Bios the PC will crash at the point it enters windows, If I select the Crazy OC setting built in the OS will load but chrashes out during most 3d application (CSS, COD 4etc but it doesnt crash during BF3 which seems to run fine.

My main question would be do you think this is a power issue as I was able to run with this Graphics Card on a previous setup on the same PSU?

I have tried the RAM in differnt configurations and in another PC and appears to be fine, I have cleared the CMOS settings and still no joy, also reformatted the PC twice.

For graphics I have updated to the latest driver and also tried beta drivers still no joy
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  1. resolved the issue 530W power is not enough to run the above rig had to get 750W all running fine now :bounce:
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