Mixing 2x2 and 2x1 kits, ddr2

Hello, I currently have 2x2GB "Apacer" CL5 PC-6400 800MHz memory sticks. I want to add 2 more GB of RAM, so i am thinking about: http://www.memoryc.com/computermemory/ddr2ram/2gbteampc26400elitedualkit.html My mobo is ASUS M4A785D-M PRO, will they work fine?
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  1. Probably. If the 5-5-5-15... timing is the same as your existing RAM and if the 1.8V is the same as your existing RAM. But you will be much better off if you find a matching pair to the RAM you now have. Look on the sticks for the model number and search for 2 of the same kind. It'll give you 4GB instead of 3GB, but if you only have 32 bit Windows it can use most of that anyway.
  2. Actually I can't afford 4 more Gb of ram. My OS is win 7 64 bit...and integrated graphics card.
  3. In that case, if you already have the RAM give it a try. You'll know soon enough if there's timing issues, or not.
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