Are there any 1080p laptops around the $600-$700 mark?

Thanks in advance!

I'm looking for a new laptop for my spring quarter. I don't want a gaming laptop since I have my desktop but I do want a laptop that can watch videos in 1080p hence the requirement of a 1080p screen.

I've been looking around and it seems like every single 1080p laptop with Windows 7 is around $1000+ and I'm unable to spend that much. My budget is $600-$700 though I can go up to $800 if needed.

My requirements for the new laptop are:
1) 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 screen
2) CPU/GPU powerful enough to handle 1080p videos
3) Cheap, $600-$700 is what I'll spend but obviously something that fits the profile but is significantly cheaper, I will adore.

It doesn't need to have a Windows 7 operating system since I can just easily buy an OEM version later and install it myself so feel free to recommend Windows XP or Vista laptops.

It doesn't need to have an amazing battery life since I'll probably keep it plugged in to the outlets in my classes and I don't carry it around with me everywhere I go unless I'm hanging out at a cafe but even then, I won't be watching videos and will probably be typing up a report or something which isn't energy consuming.

My customization plans for this laptop are:
1) New HDD
2) New RAM
3) New Operating System if older than Windows 7 or my RAM upgrade raises the requirement to 64-bit.

Thanks again for your recommendations!
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  1. SHort answer: No

    It's rather difficult to cram 1920 x1080 pixels (normally requiring a 22-23" desktop widescreen monitor) into a laptop's 17.3" or even 19" display.....

    And certainly not for $700, sorry
  2. I do see Alienware somehow manages to somehow cram 1920x1200 into a 17" display...

    It starts at $1799, however.....
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