I have a question
my config:

intelcore2duo 3.16 GHz
9800GT 1gb
psu : 450 W

I wanna buy 460gtx , but im not sure if my motherboard is compatible with it.
What do u think ?
Also , i wanna buy another 2 gbs of ram.
By how many percent will games run faster after I modify my pc ?
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  1. Since GTX460 is 2.0 version then you can use it without any problem on your motherboard, the main concern here is your PSU, what kind of 450W? brand? model?
    We need more info about your PSU, amperage on each rails?
  2. Hiya :D
    thanks for your answer !
    are you 100 percent sure ? :D

    my psu is fortron
    500 watt
    AC input 200-240 V , 4A, 50-60GHz
  3. Fortron? oww.... can you show me some links for your PSU?
    Do not cheap out on PSU, it's the most important thing inside your case...

    Yes, i'm pretty sure, 2.o cards are running without problem on 1.0 pcie slot, just make sure you get 2.0 card and NOT 2.1. :)
  4. ok , thanks , ive got one more question
    i recently saw a commercial for HD6850 1024MB.
    what do you think , which is best - 460 GTX or HD6850 considering that both have 1 gb of memory.
    and if HD6850 is better , would it work with my motherboard ? :DDDDD
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131182
    Is that your board? It's around 2008, so i guess it's already has 2.0 pcie slot version...
    Well, if that's true then you can use ANY card, including HD6850.
    Take a look at this:
    Yes, HD6850 is faster than GTX460.
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