Bios problem?

Hello,Hdd(primary) not shown in bios. unplug drive and plug back in drive appears but wonn't start windows. Shows boot disk error. back in bios hdd missing again. do i need to flash bios from disk.
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  1. It would help for you to ID the mobo, BIOS ver., HDD & Win ver.

    What controller are you using for the HDD. I have two on my mobo the native Intel controller and a secondary Marvell controller. My BIOS ignores the Marvell controller unless I change the setting.

    How old is the HDD? SATA, PATA or SCSI?

    You need to give more info to get decent help.
  2. pc is an HP a6750f. mb is MSI MS-7548, system 3 yrs old, hdd is 750 gb sata. upgraded to win 7 1 year ago along with vid card and psu, no changes since then. not sure what hdd controller is used.
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