Which mobo should I get from here?

I'm getting the i5 2500k and there is a 50 dollar off Mobo deal in microcenter. I'm going to get this tomorrow. I already have a Seasonic x750 gold+ psu and a HAF 922 case. I plan on using radeon hd 6950 crossfire or gtx 560 ti SLI. Idk which graphics card to get. Does a 1gb gtx 560 ti and a 1gb 6950 have a huge difference in performance? I'm leaning towards the gtx 560 ti for better driver support.

Which mobo should I pick from here?


Also since I am picking a mobo it is important to know if I will use sli or crossfire because not all mobos support both.

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  1. First: what is your budget? Second: many mobos that are not certified as SLI/Xfire mobos are capable of doing SLI/Xfire. The certification takes some time and resources for the OEM to obtain. My mobo is not SLI certified and it performs like a champ.

    I can't make a recommendation until you tell us your budget and whether you will use 1/2/3/4 Gfx cards. I assume that you intend no more than dual GPUs but ....
  2. OH sorry. My budget is 850-870ish, but I am trying to make it low. I already used 180 dollars up so there's 670-700ish left.

    I want to try to make the mobo cost to around 90-100 dollars. I also have to pay the tax to the mobo and cpu because it is only available at the store.
  3. http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0364087
    This one is $99.99 with rebate and supports crossfire and SLI. It also has two 5/5 ratings from previous buyers whom both recommend it so it seems to please buyers.
    There is only one other board at a similar price and it is not recommended by the previous buyer and it has fewer features. It is also $99.99.
  4. It's mATX though. I need an ATX one.
  5. Well mobo is the center piece of the system, don't go with the cheapest,

    get something like this http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0366193
  6. That's what I am leaning towards. Anyone have other thoughts? Anything else that can save me 20 bucks?
  7. Is it your local store?
  8. it's about 30 minutes away from where I live.
  9. mazchazo said:
    it's about 30 minutes away from where I live.

    Well, that's good reason to buy from them, if something come broken, they will exchange it on the spot.

    Do they have a price match?
  10. What do you mean by a price match? The price that is on the ad is the in-store price. Except you have to pay tax too. It won't let you order online. In-store only.
  11. Price match is when u find price lower, lets say on the newegg.com, they will match it to the same price + shipping, if newegg has it in the stack.

    Microcenter has it for $150
    newegg $119.99+ $9.99 shipping
  12. Give them a call.
  13. BTW, I do this with Frys, my only local store. They match almost everything, from Amazon to Newegg.
  14. Once I got Logitech speakers that was in the Frys for $179.99 and neweg had it for $99.99 and Amazon for $79.99+free shipping they matched it and I saved $100.
  15. nikorr said:
    BTW, I do this with Frys, my only local store. They match almost everything, from Amazon to Newegg.

    I have a Frys near me too actually. But, If you didn't know, the reason I am buying from microcenter is because they have a 50 dollar off deal, so that 150 dollar mobo is 100 bucks, but I will give them a call and see if they will go even lower. Thanks, I thought only Wal-mart did that lol.

    People told me to give this mobo a consideration.

  16. Its P67, I would go with Z68.
  17. Where do u live, in Chicagoland? lol
  18. No Houston, Tx.

    Any other motherboard recomendations? I want to know if I can get a mobo with the same price as that ASUS one I was talking about. The problem with the ASUS board was that it does not support SLI. :(
  19. I am in the exact situation and am losing sleep trying to decide on a mobo :). I plan to go to Micro Center (Northern VA / Fairfax) next week while visiting my parents and want to take advantage of the $50 promo. I was originally set on getting this motherboard:


    However, I likely won't SLI or Xfire so have started to consider:


    I also don't plan to overclock at least initially and am looking more for stability / reliability. Does anyone have experience with these boards good or bad? I was originally considering the Gigabyte boards but noticed some reboot cycle issues in a lot of the Newegg reviews. If anyone has suggestions for another board in this same price range (sub $160), I'm all ears. Thanks!
  20. mazchazo said:
    This is the next best thing. Gigabyte is a good company.


    If u look few posts back, I posted this one as an alternative : )
  21. Read the review on Toms HW From $100 To $160: Five Z68-Based Boards, Compared

  22. Oh I was just restating. I think that mobo is the best for now.

    What do you think about that MSI one?

    If I don't switch to radeon cards, I think I will go with the gigabyte.
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