Best opengl graphics card for dell vostro 200 slim

I wanted to upgrade the graphics capability of my Dell Vostro s200 slim tower to handle opengl graphics.

What is the best I can install?
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  1. I should add that its for 3D graphics using sketchup and Vectorworks, Photoshop, AutoCAD etc but not for gaming.
  2. Thanks malmental - at the bottom of the label on the power supply it says 250W max.
  3. You have to get an upgrade of the PSU before you can add a GPU. Plus slim cases are a problem, coz most GPU's don't fit. You have to get those low profile one's which are slim to fit your cabinet.
  4. OK thanks hell_storm I will look into the power supply. Should I just go for the highest rating that will fit?
  5. Not the highest rating that will fit... but get the optimum rating that you will need + a little head room.
  6. I read that the Radeon HD3450 512MB low profile works OK on the original power supply?
  7. That is a card that would fit... but the thing is that it isn't much of a card to put in.
  8. Hmmmm that's a shame. What about the HD4650, though it says it needs 400W power? I've had a quick look for power supplies and no luck so far. The existing PSU is 170x63x85mm wide. Most seem to be 100mm wide.

    Really appreciate your comments. Thanks.
  9. That's great thanks for your help. Really appreciated.
  10. Do you think it will handle 3D graphics OK or am I best off just getting a new workstation? The machine has 4mB memory and Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz?

    trouble is I don't have £1000 to spend at the moment so if I can get this to work I would prefer it.
  11. Should have said I like the look of the 1Gb GT430
  12. Quote:
    1.) no problem..
    2.) as long as your not gaming then the GT430 is a good choice.
    2b.) the GT430 will work on your current power supply.
    3.) you can always upgrade the processor in that unit to a higher clocked C2D (you currently have) or possible quad (not sure yet, have to check..)
    cost of refurbished or used cpu $100 +/-
    4.) my personal opinion is the Intel chips runs better with nVidia cards - not trying to start an argument with anyone, my opinion..

    OK, i have bought the GT 430. Your advice has been invaluable. Thanks very much. Hopefully it will keep me going for a while until I need a new machine - I don't do gaming so hopefully it will work just fine. When its all ready I will move over to it and see how I get on. Got to be better than what I am using at the moment - my 6 yr old Pentium 4 - Its really struggling with the 3D poor old thing.......

    If you have time and can let me know about the possibility of upgrading the processor on the Core 2 duo then I would really appreciate it.
  13. I will look into the processor upgrade.

    Good news on the power supply too. Its a TFX unit that I needed to look for which will fit exactly and I can get a 400W one for under £30 in the UK.

    Do you think I need to change the power supply or just see how it goes with the original and change if I get crashes or other problems. I note on testing that the graphics card runs at 176W.
  14. i think you are looking at the ezcool 400w tfx power supply. i wouldnt recommend that at all, seller is unreliable and so is the power supply. if you want to upgrade your power supply, go for this fsp 300w.

    you could have just put a HD5570 into the system, im using 1 also on a 250w power supply from a dell inspiron 530s.
  15. Infernox, You're right I was looking at the EZCool - thanks for the heads up on the alternative. I had a look at the HD5570 but the literature said you need 400W so I went for the GT430 that said it needed 300W as it was closer to what I have. Good to know it works OK though - I shouldn't have any problems.

  16. I will thank you. It should arrive tomorrow I think.
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