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Could someone tell me which of these memory kits would be best for an Asus p8z68-v pro motherboard with an i5 2500k? They are all similar in price. The Mushkin kit says it's recommended use is high performance or gaming memory.



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  1. Mushkin ram will work fine. Or you can wait for the next newegg rebate offer. They had the gskill ram for $30 last week, and $25 on cyber monday.
  2. Will all of three of those kits have the same performance?
  3. anherox said:
    Will all of three of those kits have the same performance?

    yup :D
  4. 1600MHz memory is the sweet spot for price/performance but that performance will NOT be shown in games. Games take little to no advantage of faster memory be it 1600MHz or 2500MHz. Gaming memory is a marketing gimmick because faster memory doesn't effect gaming unless you are running another program that is memory intensive while gaming.

    Compression/decompression takes the best performance increase of any program except maybe rendering when you have faster RAM and most other applications improve slightly but frames per second in gaming does not get improved.

    1600MHz is usually the best way to go but don't expect a direct performance increase in games from it.
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