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Fixing a Emachine T3882 for a friend. System was stagnet for 6 months. Hooked it up to the original E monitor that had a faulty on/off switch. Computer did run but if you tapped the desk it sat on the screen would say " no signal, check cables". Brought over Dell monitor and now I get nothing. I upgraded the PSU to 300W from 165W, changed the monitor cable. I put in a Diamond Multimedia PCI Stealth III S540 videocard and now I only get a screen that is light blue and has very light vertical lines going through it. If I do a CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+F and then arrow over three and down two I can shut the system down (this tells me the OS is up and running) using the XP shutdown format. I am sure the MOBO is still good and perhaps it is just the onboard graphic card that is faulty. I guess my question here is HOW DO I INSTALL THE GPU DRIVERS if I cant see my monitor? Also is this the correct voltage card to use on this MOBO? Please advise and thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
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  1. No, I tried that multiple times assuming the BIOS key is F2. It is still the F8 key for safe mode even on this emachine correct? I did have it going all the way through the xp os because I would here the start up music play but now that I have hit a few buttons not knowing where it was on the screen I am just not sure what is going on. There are not lights on the back to give an indication if there is an internal error going on and only a single beep when starting up. (both my Dells do the same at start up so assuming that is normal) Again, only a blank screen when using the PCI card and nothing at all from the monitor, not even a green light when using the onboard graphics. I think I have to load the driver for the PCI card for it to run. Correct? How can I do that? Can I put the HDD on another system and load the drivers that way?
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