Intel core i5 or i7 for gaming?

Okay so i have done my research and have narrowed it down to either the core i5 or i7 cpu for my next gaming build. I'm personally steering towards the i5 mainly because of cost...i figure with the extra cash saved I can get a better graphics card (or two!). I'd just like to know if there is a dramatic difference between the i7 and i5 that would justify the extra cost to go with the i7.
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  1. Check out i7 prices for walk-ins at MicroCenter - you will be pleasantly surprised.

    Between i5 and i7 - the moment you buy an i5, you will wish you had bought an i7 instead! That's how the logic works!
  2. If gaming is the primary concern (and almost everything that is normally done on the computer) there isn't even a noticeable difference between the i5-2500 and the i7-2600....

    so wishing you had bought the i7 instead is like me wishing I had a ferrari... there is no point if everybody is stuck at the speed limit .... (the speed limit being the graphic card)

    Tl dr: save on the cpu, and buy a better graphic card
  3. Get the i7 2500k or 2600k from microcenter. Don't know why but microcenter has the best price on those processors but its store pickup only. Id get the 2500k or 2600k without a doubt, wouldn't look at anything else.
  4. If you are a bench-aholic like me you gotta go i7! 2600k kills 2500k in the benches....
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