Notebook can connect to net with ethernet cable but not wirelessly

Our home just got new internet. Both my desktop PC and my dad's notebook can connect wirelessly can use the internet just fine and another desktop connects and browses normally with an ethernet cord.

But my mom's notebook can only connect and browse with an ethernet cord. The notebook says it is connected to our network with a full bar Excellent connection but the internet still does not work. It's odd because the notebook can connect with other wireless networks and get on the internet just fine.

The only error I've received was something about the IP address not being able to be renewed. Could the problem lay with the IP of this notebook? If so, how is it able to get on the internet with an ethernet cable but not wirelessly and be able to connect with other wireless networks?
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  1. Notebook! Set the wireless in moms computer with the same setting as dads computer.
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