Why does one card not perform as well as another when at lower res?

Why does the GTX 460 1gb perform better than the GTX 285 at 1920 x 1080, but the GTX 285 perform better than the GTX 460 when at lower resolution?
Wouldn't the GTX 460 always be better?
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  1. Could you link to the test in question.
  2. Well I can not give you a link, but I asked a question in the past and someone told me the GTX 275 or 280 was better than the GTX 460 at lower resolution but the at higher resolution the GTX 460 was better.
  3. Well, unless you see a test showing that in every game out there I think you shouldn't let it worry you. I do not know what resolutions are in question, is it 25 x 16, 19 x12?

    To draw any conclusions as to why a test showing such would have to be presented to make sure that the system was the same, what settings were used as well as what games.

    Without that information, it is just hearsay.
  4. Go to anandtech and compare the GTX 460 to the GTX 275. The GTX 275 performs better at lower res. The GTX 280 performs better than the GTX 460 at lower res too.
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