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How can I recognize the connection from my PC to my LCD with HDMI cable and the regular PC screen with VGA cable using my nvidia nforce 630i? can I connect the HDMI and the VGA together and switch between the screens? my nvidia nforce 630i doesn't recognize the lcd.
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  1. Just FYI 630i is the motherboard chipset, your graphics proccesor is either a 7100 or a 7150, both of which support multiple displays. It should be as simple as hooking them both up and then opening the nvidia control panel, clicking on set up multiple displays and enabling them both. Then you can either choose to use it as an extended display or right click on it and tell it to clone using the PC monitor as the primary (this is what I recomend if you are going to try to game or watch movies on both screens)
  2. Thanks Benski,
    I try to do what you told, but the Nvidia control panel not recognize both displays together ( even when i press to search for displays, it's find only one display, the one it recognize) when I unplaging the LCD HDMI cable it's recognize automatic the PC monitor,
    when I'm plaging again the HDMI cable for the LCD it's not recognize the LCD and working only on the PC screen.
    I try all kind of options in the Nvidia C.panel but I couldn't find a way to Recognize both dispalys (PC , LCD) together.. :(
    any solution for that?
  3. So does the LCD work when plugged in by itself? Your post is a little unclear to me.

    Everything I read says your motherboard should support dual displays. Make sure you have the most current drivers installed for it. As for connecting the HDMI and VGA together with one output I don't think it would work because CRT's use an analog VGA signal and HDMI is digital, you would probably need an expensive converter box.
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